​ALA Graduation Requirements

ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS – 4 credits required

(3) Credits English Language Core

(1.0 credit) English/Language Arts 9 or English/Language Arts 9 Honors
(1.0 credit) English/Language Arts 10 or English/Language Arts 10 Honors
(1.0 credit) English/Language Arts 11 or English/Language Arts Honors

                                   (1) Credit Applied English/Language Arts 

                                                                ​Selected from the English Language Arts electives offered.

                                        (See Course catalog for additional electives)

                                         (1) Credit Advanced English/Language Arts

(1.0 credit) English 12 or English/Language Arts 12 Honors, AP English Literature,** AP English Language,** EdNet – English 1010,** or English 2010 ** (see counseling for a complete list of course offerings)

Social Studies – 3 Credits Required

(3) Credits Social Studies/History Core

(.50 credit) Geography for Life or AP Human Geography** (teacher approval necessary for 9th and 10th grade students to enroll in the AP class)
(1.0 credit) U.S. History II or American Civilization History 1700 (concurrent), AP U.S. History 1700 or EdNet – U.S History 2700 and 2710 (both must be taken)
(1.0 credit) World Civilizations
(.50 credit) U.S. Government and Citizenship 12 or Ednet – Political Science 1100

SCIENCE – 3 credits required

2 credits from two of the four science foundation areas: earth systems, biological science, chemistry or physics

1 additional credit from the applied, advanced or elective science courses

Suggested Sequences:

(1.0 credit) Earth Systems in 9th grade (Biology if college bound)
(1.0 credit) Biology in 10th grade (Chemistry if college bound)
(1.0 credit) Chemistry in 11th grade (AP Chemistry or Physics if college bound)
(1.0 credit) Physics in 12th grade (optional)

If college bound, additional suggested offerings from the Applied/Advanced Science courses:

(1.0 credit) AP Chemistry,** AP Physics,**
Concurrent Enrollment: (.50 credit) Astronomy** or (1.0 credit) Physics**
Ed-Net: (1.0 credit) Biology 1010,** or Geology 1010**
Applied Sciences: (.50 credit) Zoology, Botany or (1.0 credit) Anatomy & Physiology

MATH – 4 credits required 

All ALA students are required to be enrolled in a math course 9th-12th Math Core

(1.0 credit) Secondary Math I or Secondary Math I Honors in 9th grade
(1.0 credit) Secondary Math II or Secondary Math Honors in 10th grade
Secondary Math III or Secondary Math III Honors in 11th grade

12th grade math class is required, students will select course​

12th grade suggested sequence if college bound:

(.50 credit) College Prep Math
(1.0 credit) Concurrent Enrollment -1st Semester-Math 1010 and 2nd Semester-Math 1050
(1.0 credit) Concurrent Enrollment- 1st Semester-Math 1050 and 2nd Semester-Math 1060
(1.0 credit) AP Statistics or AP Calculus
(1.0 credit) Accounting 1 & 2 (Both Accounting classes must be taken)

Note: Successful completion of Calculus meets graduation requirements

regardless of number of credits taken.

PHYSICAL & HEALTH EDUCATION – 2 credits required

(2) Credits (all P.E. classes are .5 credits)
(.50 credit) Participation Skills in 9th grade
(.50 credit) Fitness for Life in 10th grade
(.50 credit) Health in 10th grade
(.50 credit) Individualized Lifetime Activities in 11th grade (or two seasons of UHSAA recognized sports during High School or 1.0 credit recognized ALA dance classes)

*See documents that are attached below for more information on PE credits


1.5 Credits


.5 Credits


.5 Credits


1.0 Credits


6.0 Credits

25.5 Total Credits for ALA Graduation, 
based on attendance 9th-12th grade

**Courses that may not be offered every year

Note: Characteristics of a rigorous high school education include 2 years of the same foreign language, as many AP, Concurrent Enrollment or College classes as possible, an ACT /College Prep class.
Additional: Many colleges and universities have a minimum GPA requirement; encourage student participation in school based activities, clubs, community/volunteer work, leadership opportunities and appropriate ACT or SAT scores.

Transferring College Credit

Information about how colleges accept/transfer college credits,

including those earned in high school through AP, concurrent enrollment, and/or ednet.



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