Concurrent Enrollment courses are a great benefit to ALA students.

Students can experience college coursework in a controlled environment designed for high school students, as well as save time and money. Courses can be taken dually for high school and college credit. 

Credits will be issued on both an ALA high school transcript, as well as a Utah Valley University transcript. All college bound students are encouraged to take concurrent enrollment coursework before graduation. Students also have the opportunity to complete an AA/AS degree if they choose.

Cost to the student is a one-time UVU registration fee of $35 and a $5 per credit fee for each class.

ALA offers students two ways to obtain college credit 

(please be advised that requirements and enrollment processes vary by program):

​1. Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Courses

2. Live Interactive (EdNet)


1. Concurrent Enrollment Courses

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) classes are taught by ALA teachers in ALA classrooms during the regular school day.

The CE courses are approved by UVU and contain college coursework and curriculum. They provide the student the opportunity to attend a smaller class taught by teachers they know that can give one-on-one assistance to the student. 

*Steps to enroll in a CE course:
1. Students must have a 3.0 GPA
2. Register as a UVU concurrent 
enrollment student, obtain a UVU ID #

3. All sophomores, and students taking English or Math must take the UVUplacement exam (Accuplacer) or ACT**:
4. Register for a course with UVU:
• Sophomores must complete the ‘Sophomore by Exception packet’.**

(This form allows UVU to register students for the desired course,
packets are available through the counselor and/or the facilitator of the program.)

ALA/ CE Courses offered:
American Civilizations 1700 (US History)
Chemistry 1010
Chemistry Lab 1015
Physics 1010
Astronomy 1040
College Prep Math 1010/1030
Pre Calculus 1050
Calculus 1060
Financial Literacy 1060

*Course offerings dependent upon student interest

2. Live Interactive / Distance Education

Live Interactive, previously known at ALA as Ed-net. Courses are broadcasted during the

school day via direct live feed from UVU. Students participate in the “real time” college class

being taught by UVU professor. They can ask questions and view all that is occurring in the

college classroom through a screen. Courses follow UVU’s academic calendar and are offered spring/fall

and summer semester.

                              This program allows a high school student to obtain their Associate of Arts or Associate

                         of Science degree before they graduate from high school if they so desire. Students

                                 planning to earn the AA/AS degree will need to work closely with Mrs. Pappas, and meet

with a UVU concurrent enrollment counselor.

• Students may begin live interactive courses the summer following the freshman year.

• In order to take live interactive courses, in-coming Sophomores must have a 3.5 GPA

*Steps to enroll in a Live Interactive course:
1. Students must have a 3.0 GPA, Sophomores must have a 3.5 GPA
2. Meet with Pam Pappas, UVU facilitator at ALA
3. Register as a UVU concurrent enrollment student, obtain UVU ID #
4. Take the UVU placement exam (Accuplacer) or ACT:

All sophomores and students taking English, Math or Biology
5. Register for a course with UVU:
• Sophomores must complete the ‘Sophomore by Exception packet’**.

(This form allows UVU to register students for the desired course,

packets are available through the counselor and/or the facilitator of the program.)
• Sophomores must have registration form completed by Pam Pappas
6. Pay UVU tuition 

The Following Live Interactive courses can be taken in place

of ALA High School graduation requirements:
PLSC 1100: US Government (12th grade)
English 1010, 2010: English 12 (12th grade)

Click here to view the 2017-2018 courses available
(Subject to change)​

**General Information for both CE and Live Interactive courses**

• Accuplacer exam can be taken in house at ALA in March and August.
See school calendar for exact dates.

Click here for test date and times at UVU’s testing center

• See Accuplacer webpage for more information

• Concurrent Enrollment /Live Interactive classes cannot be dropped after the UVU deadlines. Parents and students are advised to become familiar with important dates and deadlines and monitor progress regularly. Final grades will be recorded on a permanent college transcript. Any course retaken will be subject to regular UVU tuition rates.

**Please note that the Sophomore by exception packet must be completed separately for

Live Interactive and Concurrent Enrollment coursework**

For information regarding Concurrent Enrollment classes, which ones to take,

including right fit math class according to major of study, click here.

Transferring College Credit
For information about how colleges accept / transfer college credits, 
including those earned in high school through AP, concurrent enrollment, and/or Interactive Learning

go to


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