Students can earn $$ thousands $$ by successfully

completing a rigorous High School course load that prepares them for college.  

The Regents’ Scholarship encourages Utah high school students to prepare for college academically and financially by taking a core course of study and saving for college. The scholarship may be used at any public college or university in the Utah System of Higher Education, as well as at Brigham Young University—Provo, LDS Business College, and Westminster College.

The three awards within the Regents' Scholarship are outlined below:

(To receive the scholarship, you must enroll in 15 credits at an eligible college and meet other non-academic requirements detailed in the Program Guide.)

1- Base Award (up to $1,000, one-time payment)

• Complete the required courses earning a "C" or higher in each course, a 3.0 cumulative HS GPA,

and take the ACT test.

2- Exemplary Academic Achievement Award

(Renewable max of $1,250 per semester, for up to four semesters)

• Complete the required courses earning a "B" or higher in each course, a 3.5 cumulative HS GPA and

an ACT score of a 26.

3- Utah Educational Savings Plan Supplemental Award

(One-time max of $400)

• Based on saving through a UESP account. To maximize the award, save $100 when you are 14, 15, 16 and 17.


• 4 credits of English

• 4 progressive credits of Mathematics

(At minimum, you must complete Secondary Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 and one progressive course beyond Math 3)

• 3.5 credits of Social Science

• 3 credits of lab-based Science

(Specifically one each of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)

• 2 progressive credits of the same World Language (other than English) during grades 9-12

*Applications are accepted in the senior year before the February 1st deadline*

The Regents’ Scholarship may be modified each year as a result of legislation.

It is important that you use up to date program information as you plan to receive the award money. 

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